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Introduction OYA Demi Permanent Color Stylist Intro

23 Pre-selected OYA Demi Permanent Color Shades

1 OYA Demi Permanent Color Clear

1 OYA lotion 5 vol. designed for use with OYA Demi Permanent Color


1 OYA Demi Permanent Color Strand Chart

1 OYA Color Bowl

1 OYA Whisk

1 OYA Color Brush – large

1 OYA Color Brush – small

1 OYA Color Cape

1 OYA Color Apron

1 OYA Timer

10 Elixir Samples (10ml)

OYA Demi Permanent Shade Selection for the “OYA Demi Permanent Stylist Intro”

Natural Series: 1-0(N), 4-0(N), 6-0(N), 8-0(N), 10-0(N)

Ash Series: 6-01(A), 10-01(A)

Beige Series: 6-04(B), 8-04(B), 10-04(B)

Gold Series: 5-5(G), 7-5(G)

Mahogany Series: 3-6(M), 5-6(M), 6-6(M)

Copper Series: 5-7(C), 7-7(C)

Red Copper Series: 6-87(RC)

Red Series: 4-8(R), 6-8(R)

Violet Series: 3-9(V), 6-9(V), 10-91 (VA)

0-0 Clear