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OYA Professional Color Care Retail Trial Promotion

\nPURCHASE: \n \n1 OYA Shampoo - Sulfate Free 8.5 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Platinum Shampoo - Sulfate Free 8.5 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Leave-in Conditioner 8.5 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Conditioner 8.5 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Treatment 6.8 fl. oz. \n \nFREE: \n \n1 OYA Shampoo - Sulfate Free 1.7 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Conditioner 1.7 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Leave-in Conditioner 1.8 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Treatment 1.7 fl. oz. \n1 OYA Consumer Brochur ALL OYA LIVE TO LOVE COLOR FORMULAS CONTAIN CAREFULLY CURATED INGREDIENTS THAT NOURISH HAIR WITH NATURAL ELEMENTS. \nFEATURING THE BEST THAT NATURE PROVIDES, OYA LIVE TO LOVE COLOR INGREDIENTS INFUSE HAIR WITH THE MOISTURE THAT'S ESSENTIAL FOR HEALTHY LOOKING HAIR AND BEAUTIFUL, LONG LASTING HAIR COLOR RESULTS. \n \nSea kelp (Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatment): \nPacked with amino acids and minerals to revitalize and refresh hair and scalp. \nInfused with powerful antioxidants that protect the hair and extend color vibrancy. \nSoothes and moisturizes hair and scalp. \nControls frizz and flyaways. \nSupercharges shine. \n \nBlue seakale (Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatment): \nPenetrates into each hair strand to protect fiber integrity and preserve color longevity. \nEnriched with Proline - a vital amino acid that promotes suppleness and provides intense hair hydration. \nHelps protect hair color from thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. \nEnhances elasticity. \nPromotes dazzling shine. \n \nHydrolyzed vegetable protein (Conditioners, Treatment): \nHelps protect hair from damage caused by chemical treatments, environmental stressors and mechanical and thermal styling. \nTiny molecules penetrate the hair shaft to maintain strength and moisture from the inside out. \n""Smart"" molecules seek out and fill gaps in the hair cuticle to repair and refine combability and shine. \n \nHydrolyzed silk (Conditioners, Treatment): \nPenetrates into each strand for enhanced manageability, shine and smoothness. \nHelps prevent moisture loss and encourages moisture retention. \nAdds body and volume. \nPromotes a soft, silky texture for all hair types. \n \nGreen tea (Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatment): \nRich in antioxidants that protect hair integrity, preserving color and preventing premature fading. \nHelps protect hair from environmental aggressors that can inhibit color retention. \nSoothes and moisturizes the hair and scalp. \n \nPanthenol (Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatment): \nProvitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft to give hair a thick and full appearance. \nProduces a high, reflective shine. \nHelps prevent damage from thermal styling tools. \nHelps protect hair and scalp from moisture loss. \n \nShea Butter (Conditioners): \nSoothes and conditions for radiant shine. \nA natural emollient, sourced from the fruit of the karite tree \n \nSunflower extract (Shampoo, Conditioners): \nA natural shield to protect from the free radicals generated by environmental stressors preventing premature color fading. \nSourced from sunflower seeds. \n \nOlive Fruit Oil (Conditioners): \nProvides natural moisture and softens hair. \nSourced from European-cultivated olives. \n \nArgan Oil (Conditioners): \nA natural emollient that softens and brightens hair, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. \nAn ancient beauty secret from Morocco, this precious oil is sourced from the kernels of Morocco's argan fruit. \n \n